The company, located at Venegono Superiore, near Varese, extends over 9,000 square meters, of which 5,000 square meters are covered by buildings. The amount of experiences and “know-how” acquired during many years of activity, has enabled the company to produce with advanced technologies like “pressing gas assisted” and “bi-injection pressing” in order to produce technical thermoplastic wares in a variety of productive sectors such as informatics, electrotechnical and electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, thermotecnics, automotives and so on.

Thank to its own structure, the professionality of its personel and the use of the most advanced production technology, ELIOS has always distinguished itself for the high quality of its products. The commitment and steadfastness in pursuing the company target, aptly expressed by the motto “QUALITY – COMMITMENT – RELIABILITY”, as well as the personal attention accorded to each client are factors which make ELIOS a company that responds appropriately and efficiently to the growing demands of today’s client and to the evolution of the market.

Reliability, thecnology, customer service, quality and know-how are the characteristics usually required by a client to own suppliers. Many companies thought to have these characteristics, but only few companies can hold and develope them.

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